Utilizing an inclusive creative process to deliver high quality designs for communities and the organizations that serve them.

Photo: Jessica Rinaldi

our mission

ADAPTIV provides planning and architecture services to emerging communities across the globe. Our services employ a community centric, collaborative methodology of research and design thinking to problem solve and develop resilient solutions that adapt to the ever changing needs of the communities we serve. We will constantly build, measure, and learn from past experiences and projects to push constant innovation in order to produce the efficiency of our final product.

ADAPTIV’s model encourages collaboration and strategic partnerships with similar minded entities and community stakeholders to leverage skill sets and optimize our reach.

our why

Low income communities in emerging and developed markets typically do not have access  to high quality, affordable design services. We want to change this disparity. We believe that everyone deserves thoughtfully designed spaces that meet basic human needs of structural safety, protection from the weather, sanitation facilities, natural daylight, and airflow. As a non for profit we are able to supply high quality design without a high price tag. 

our values

Respect Context: We research and engage with the local environment and community. In order to provide design, we must understand who we are designing for. 

Community First: Our work engages local communities to empower them in the design of their future.

Resiliency: We design for the present and to support future growth or changes. Our work employs a sustainable approach is designed to address natural disasters and epidemics. 

Dignification: We provide high quality design in low resource settings because all communities deserve spaces and environments they are proud of.

our approach

The ADAPTIV model creates a dynamic and flexible design platform that will offer clients design, engineering, community planning, research, community skills development and project implementation as core services.




Presentation of a Problem : Partners, Funders and/or local professionals present a problem either defined or undefined.


Define the Problem : Through Feasibility studies, project review, and strategic planning we work to define that problem.


Test Solutions: Through feasibility and viability studies as well as extensive research and design iterations.


Implement Solutions: Develop innovative planning and designs for the Architecture, engineering, and planning.


Project Delivery: Through construction management, training, quantity surveying and quality control we work to deliver the project.


Exit Strategy : Develop a system to make the project locally sustainable that does not rely on inputs from external sources.


Measurement and Evaluation: Review and study the design solutions and implementations to constantly learn and improve and understand the impacts of the projects.

where we work

our history

Adaptiv was founded by Killion, Rob & Abby to focus on equitable design in resource strained areas. The trio met while at the Boston office of Shepley Bulfinch. Each engaged in different practice groups, they found a strong working relationship while teaming up on several pro-bono projects. United over their common interest of pursuing careers in Social Impact Design, the seed for Adaptiv was planted. Skilled in planning and design, but novices in the implementation of complex projects in resource strained areas abroad, the team moved together to work at Build Health International (BHI) in preparation for launching Adaptiv. Originally founded in 2017, the team was able to commit full time to developing Adaptiv in the summer of 2019.