Center for Global Health

Partner in Health’s partner organization Socios en Salud was founded in response to an overwhelming need to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis. Across Peru more than 30,000 people are contracting MDR-TB annually and countrywide, public facilities are overburdened, and many private clinics are unable to safely provide care. While Socios en Salud has already made a great… Continue reading Center for Global Health


In Malawi, Partners in Health (PIH) operates 14 rural clinics as Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo. Neno is located in a rural portion of Southern Malawi that is hard to access, and a costly and time-consuming trip from the regional hospital. PIH turned to a decentralized model of care in Malawi to ensure equitable access to… Continue reading IC3

Maternal Health Center

Sierra Leone faces a lack of funding for its health system. 1 out 17 women in Sierra Leone will die from a treatable maternal cause. Children are also facing high mortality rates, roughly 1 out of 10 children will not make it to their 5th birthday. Partners in Health (PIH) is committed to improving access… Continue reading Maternal Health Center

Passive Airflow Study

Students from Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering worked with Build Health International (BHI) on their senior capstone project, to create a design guide of alternative ventilation strategies for resource strained areas. Currently, exhaust fans are being used to reach the12 air changes an hour (ACH) required by the CDC to ventilate isolation rooms. When the… Continue reading Passive Airflow Study

How We Design

Designing in resource strained areas requires a distinct understanding of the challenges of the local community. As a component of our monitoring and evaluation, we strive to learn from our body of work to understand and refine the functionality of our infrastructure and ensure that we are designing for positive community impact. By studying our… Continue reading How We Design

Cholera Unit

The flooding of international aid into Haiti post the 2010 earthquake brought with it the first Cholera epidemic the country had seen in over 100 years. The healthcare facilities across the country were not equipped for treating such a highly transmissible disease. In 2013 Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) opened its doors, the University Hospital… Continue reading Cholera Unit

CURE Children’s Hospital

Located in Mbale, Uganda, the CURE Uganda facility opened in 2000 and is a specialty teaching hospital that provides pediatric neurology services. CURE Uganda is recognized as a global leader in a minimally-invasive, shuntless treatment for hydrocephalus. The procedure was developed by the hospital’s founding medical director, Dr. Benjamin Warf. Faced with a steady increase… Continue reading CURE Children’s Hospital

AIC – CURE Hospital

In operation since 1998, AIC-CURE International Hospital in Kijabe, Kenya, is Africa’s first orthopedic pediatric teaching hospital for children with disabilities. Faced with a growing demand for services ranging from orthotics to orthopedic surgeries, the CURE team looked for master planning services to update its infrastructure systems and adapt to increasing patient demand on the… Continue reading AIC – CURE Hospital